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Helpful Colon Cleansing Product Reviews on Common Colon Cleansing Ingredients

Nowadays, there are a number of colon cleansing product reviews that comprehensively show the unique attributes of major colon cleansing products available on the market. Most of these colon cleansing product reviews give positive descriptions of effective products which do not cause any forms of side effects.

Latest colon cleansing product reviews have divided colon cleansing ingredients into three classifications; namely, food, liquids and herbs.


Foods which are consumed while undergoing a diet that cleans the colon must be rich in vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and minerals. These nutrients are found in foods such as seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits. Eating a lot of these foods will do your colon good and you will end up feeling healthier and younger.


Purified and clean water is the most essential colon cleanse ingredient according to numerous colon cleanse product reviews. This is mainly due to the fact that water plays a vital role in transporting toxins present in your body system. These toxins need a transport medium for them to be eliminated from the body. Freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are also considered beneficial as they contain many vitamins and minerals.


Several colon cleansing product reviews have featured herbal colon products which worked successfully on people with colon problems. Most herbs used in making colon cleansing products contain laxative properties.

But be careful in using these kinds of products. Though herbal-based products are natural and are considered good for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should use up huge quantities. In this case, too much is not good.

You can also formulate your own home-made colon cleansing solution by using the following herbs:

• Aloe Leaf – promotes bowel movement and soothes the large intestines. blog ve suc khoe va loi song
• Butea Superba – used for eliminating tape worms and roundworms in the body. It can also be used to treat skin disorders, diabetes (as it is believed that it can trim down blood sugar) and sore throats.
• Cascara Sagrada – a primary ingredient in recent colon cleansing supplements and can be too harmful if used for a longer period of time. The harmful effect of too much consumption differs for every individual. This herb is an organic laxative which helps the colon combat constipation.
• Cayenne Pepper – usually used as an important ingredient on products which foster body detoxification. Cayenne pepper aids the body with bloating, cramping, blood flow and digestive problems, and also enhances cardiovascular performance while leveling blood pressure within normal limits. It also acts as a natural stimulant.
• Fennel – heightens sexual desire. It is used to enhance kidney, liver, spleen, and lung functions. It is considered as an ideal all-around vegetable suitable for cleansing the colon.
• Piper Longum or long pepper – a tough stimulant for the digestive system. It is beneficial in many areas and treats digestive abnormalities such as indigestion, abdominal pains and excessive flatulence.
• Psyllium Husk – a natural fiber supplement, it is included among the most widely-recognized ingredients in cleaninng the colon. This is mainly because of its ability to help ease bowel movement pains and disorders.
• Senna – a potent laxative that can irritate the intestinal tract. Intestinal irritation can be easily cured by combining it with an herb which can counteract its strong properties.


A probiotic supplement is equally important as this will aid your body in replenishing all the friendly bacteria found in your stomach. These bacteria get injured whenever you undergo a colon cleansing regimen.

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